ALL WEATHER – Archery Target Face Roundel 40 CM


This is a All Weather Archery Target Face Roundel 40 CM

PROKILL24 all weather archery target faces have all the detailed quality, high definition imagery of paper faces – but with the longevity and versatility of hessian faces, but at a fraction of the price!

We have a unique matt textured, zero glare finish on the material we use. The benefits of our material means it will not reflect the sun into the eyes of archers, but at the same time it helps to pick up light even in the darker areas of the wood.

You can keep our PROKILL24 faces out in the wood all year long, just like hessian target faces, but our faces will not sag heavy with water in the wet weather like hessians do.

This target face has been designed to help most archers on the range. Each of the 4 roundels are 20 cm in diameter, this helps archers to learn to focus on a smaller area (aim small miss small), at the same time they help protect the centre of the boss from being shot out. We have also added solid black vertical and horizontal lines, to help the tuning of bows and sights etc. The vertical line also has marks in 1 inch spacing to help with gap shooting.

If you would like the colours to match your club colours, please get in touch. We do not charge for this service. However we may require a certain order size.

Three reasons to choose PROKILL24 Target Faces:

  • Save time – Can be put up as soon as they arrive
  • Save money – No cardboard, glue, or sealant necessary
  • Save hassle – Will not turn to mulch after bad weather

Not only do PROKILL24 Target Faces save you time, money, and hassle – they are also suitable for all different types of weather conditions, and are printed with amazing high definition and colour.

PROKILL24 All Weather Target Faces are:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Reflection Free
  • Tear Resistant
  • Stretch Resistant

Group sizes available:

  • G4 (Group 4): 10-20 yards
  • G3 (Group 3): 20-35 yards
  • G2 (Group 2): 30-45 yards
  • G1 (Group 1): 40-60 yards
Please get in touch with any ideas you may have for new target face designs or themes. We will try our very best to keep adding new designs to all of our target face range every week. If your interested and want to be kept informed, please like our Facebook page and follow our tweets.


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